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Red Deer Antler

NutraKey Red Deer Antler Review

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By: Tim Josen

NutraKey promises its product Red Deer Antler increases testosterone, enhances muscle performance, elevates energy, and stimulates growth hormone production.

The company also says Red Deer Antler is pharmaceutical grade, free of yeast, dairy, gluten, and artificial ingredients.

Can NutraKey Red Deer Antler do all of this with one ingredient? I researched its formula to find out.

The Single Ingredient

NutraKey Red Deer Antler is comprised of New Zealand red deer antler velvet. Deer Antler Velvet is taken from the young deer antlers before they become hard.

In one study, researchers compared New Zealand deer antler velvet (NZDAV) to a placebo. Subjects took 1350 mg NZDAV twice a day, once in the morning and again at night. After NZDAV supplementation subjects saw a significant decrease in body fat, fat weight, and trunk-to-limb fat weight ratio. The NZDAV group also saw significant improvements in the bench press, the squat, and aerobic capacity. [1]

If used in the recommended dosage, NutraKey Red Deer Antler provides 500 mg of deer antler velvet a day. This isn’t enough to see results as strong as found in this study.

Studies show deer antler velvet does not affect hormone levels, including testosterone. [2] [3]

I wasn’t able to find any studies connecting deer antler velvet to growth hormone production. Deer antler velvet does contain growth factor IGF-1, which can increase HGH levels. However, the amount of IGF-1 contained in deer antler velvet is determined by what the deer was fed and how old it was. So it’s hard to know how much IGF-1 is contained in deer antler velvet supplements and if it will be effective. [4]

Side Effects

There are no recorded side effects of NutraKey Red Deer Antler.

Not enough is known about deer antler velvet to know if the ingredient itself has any possible side effects.

Where To Buy NutraKey Red Deer Antler

There are several places to purchase NutraKey Red Deer Antler. Here are some retailers and what they offer.

• Price: $24.95
• Does not allow returns

• Price: $24.99
• Accepts unopened returns up to 30 days for full refund
• Does not accept opened returns

• Price: $24.99
• Allows unopened returns up to 30 days for full refund
• Does not allow opened returns


Each bottle comes with 60 servings. Take 1 capsule with any beverage twice daily on an empty stomach. Take the first capsule in the morning and the second 1 hour before lunch.

Should You Try It?

It looks like NutraKey Red Deer Antler has the potential to increase muscle mass and performance. However, there is no research to back up claims of rising testosterone or HGH levels.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your muscle performance, this could be a good and inexpensive route for you. However I wouldn’t recommend this product for any other uses.

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  1. Interesting..

    Im on my 2nd day of taking this. I havent had a chance to work out yet, but I have an increased “sense of well-being” as they say. Thats all for now.

    August 7, 2013 12:38 pm

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